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The simple & affordable subscription service that puts you in front of your online audience and converts them into leads – month after month.

Grow Smarter

To outgrow your competition, you don’t need to do everything – you just need to do the most important thing.

With over 10 years of internet marketing experience managing millions of dollars in ad spend, we’ve boiled down the most essential components to create an effective, repeatable system of lead generation – Beam.


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What You Get

Google Ads

When people are ready to make a purchase that solves a problem, they turn to Google.  With Google Ads, we get you in front of people who are ready to make a buying decision.  Your account manager reviews and optimizes your campaign every week – no outsourcing or automation.

Custom Landing Pages

A landing page is a single page with a central focus – getting site visitors to take the next step in the buying process.  Our landing pages will outperform your competitors by 2-5x.  To build a positive ROI, we either optimize or build new landing pages every month.


If someone does not call or fill out a form right away, we continue to present them with ads on both Google and Facebook.  Sometimes all that is needed is a small nudge to make that purchase, and remarketing is smart marketing.


We handle all the details, tracking every phone call and form submission. Bridge closes the marketing and sales reporting gap and delivers data on leads by source in real time.

Right fit

Why Beam?

Beam was created with the belief that small businesses deserve better  and should not have to settle. Here is why Beam is the clear winner when you consider your options:

  • DIY – You’re not in the marketing business
  • Freelancer – You can’t count on them
  • Agency – You don’t have an unlimited budget
  • Beam – Low time commitment & budget (for you)  – perfect execution on the #1 lead generation tactic


  • DIY
  • Freelancer
  • Agency
  • Beam

Meet the
Beam Team

We believe that when you own something, you do better work.  That is why we have individual account managers to perform all the work on your account.

No outsourced work and no automated computer programs, just real people who care and have the experience to help you grow.

Brian Davis

Business Development

Chris Mott

Account Manger

Ryan Warner

Account Manager

Meghan Kocken

Account Manager

Sami Diederich

Account Manager

John McKinney

Account Manager

Tyler Shadick

Account Manager

Future Hire

This could be you!

Case Studies

Dental Client

When most dentists are paying $100/lead and Beam generates them at $16/lead, you can double down on growth.



When this client came to us they were working with Yellow Pages.  Their landing pages only converted at 3% and their AdWords ads were generic, as were all keywords. We brought value to both ends of the equation by decreasing cost-per-click and increasing conversions by 466%.

Fitness Client

We created a repeatable and sustainable lead generation machine that produces positive results, month after month, like clockwork.


Fitness Website

When we took over this account the client was paying >$60/lead and only converting 3% of users.  We started by rebuilding the account and dialing in our cost per lead to <$20. We improved the landing page conversion rate by 400% with multiple landing page iterations.

Roofing Client

Google is the number-one spot people go to find a roofing contractor, and our client dominates.


Roofer Website

We love continuous improvement. We started with a conversion rate of 5% and over the course of multiple landing page iterations and a/b tests we increased this to over 15%.  Once we had these numbers dialed in, our client tripled the budget by reallocating dollars in traditional marketing that were not working and had no tracking to Beam.

Medical Client

Dealing with the dynamically changing medical landscape, our client speaks directly to people and captures new patients.


Medical Website

The landing pages we created are all about education, and they produce results at >15% conversion rate.  By tracking users all the way through the process we were able to connect the return of new patient growth to attribute over 2,000% return on investment.

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"When we found out that (Beam) was able to reduce our cost per lead from $62 to $12 we diverted ad spend money from TV and doubled our Google Ads budget. They are a trusted partner and primary driver of growth for our business."

Jason Jackson

CEO - Unified Dental

Local Construction Company

Shifting resources from expensive, unreliable television and billboards to nimble, highly reportable tactics in digital marketing lead this client to making major changes to their marketing budgets and has resulted in lower costs per lead and higher conversions, all that means MORE SALES!

58% drop in cost per lead

42% jump in conversions

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